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Vegetable grill machine

Using the Vegetable grill machine

Vegetable grill machine or fried vegetable

Vegetable grill machine is a device to grill or fry all of the vegetables,

Its system is heating furnace. The internal material of the pan is Teflon. And the other side is steel.

Vegetable grill machine-دستگاه سرخ کن-فروش دستگاه سرخ کن-قیمت دستگاه سرخ کن-نصب دستگاه سرخ کن

This Vegetable grill machine works with stirrer and four flames.

To empty the oil from inside the device, it should be moved.

This device works quick, easy and healthy, traditionally.

At first, you should prepare the vegetables.

And then cut them in such size. The size of vegetable slices is important. If you slice too thinly or too thick so vegetables may burned or maybe they won’t cook properly in the middle.

Step 2

The vegetable should be rinsed with water and blot them totally dry. It could be done with centrifuge machine.

So the moisture is absorb as much as the device could be worked.

After watery vegetables are dried you could slice them or cut them. You could use a basting brush to cover the vegetables in a very thin layer of oil.

Sprinkle on as much pepper and salt as you prefer.

Grill time for vegetable

The time of grill for example is four to six minutes. Of course it’s depending on the thickness and the type of vegetable.

Four minutes could be enough for broccoli or six minutes for red onion and between seven and eight minutes for sweet potatoes.

For the last step you should remove the vegetable from grill machine.

Warning: be careful the metal will be extremely hot.

Technical Specifications of Vegetable grill machine

The genus of the device:

Rock wool insulation and automatic stirrer and stainless steel-Teflon

Number of ovens: 4 flames

Dimensions (cm):  Height 200 * Height diameter 12 * Depth 35

Capacity of the device is 200 kg per hour

Vegetable grill machine price

To receive the price list for various type of food and medicine machine Industries, you could contact the following numbers:

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Vegetable grill machine price

You can contact the following numbers in order to install the devices by a technician.

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